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Embarkons is the way to discover what people are working on. Let people discover your venture. Tell people what you need to succeed: funding, a partner, or expertise. Embarkons is a peer-to-peer way to realize your dreams. .

Everyone’s bursting with ideas, but how do you grow them? Share it, discuss it, work at it. Embarkons helps you get your idea off the ground and get traction.
Starting a project is simple! Just give it a title, say as much or as little about it as you want, put in a few tags, and you’re set.
Rate ideas, update your own, share, help others…embark!

Marketplace is a communication tool for serious users who want to buy and sell assets; assemble a team; or find partners. You can put an existing project into Marketplace anytime that you need to find or buy something. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can create a Marketplace Challenge and Embarkons users can respond with their project, venture or assets which match what you are looking for. Marketplace cost $15 per month or you can buy credits which allow you to pay only if you make a connection.

Challenges are an opportunity to solve a problem, respond to an issue or make a difference. Look through Challenges and respond with your own idea, project or venture. Or you can join another project and work together with people in your neighborhood or around the world. And if you represent a company wanting to better engage with people, create a Challenge and watch the conversation begin.

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